A presentation of a manual for active citizens was held in Drohobych in the hackathon format.

Активна Громада Дрогобича 07

“#Someone_will_do_challenge is a test for every citizen who is not indifferent to the problems in the city or in the state. When there is an awareness that “someone” is you at this moment, a civil society is being created. If you don’tt know where to start or how to plan the process of solving given problems in the city, the Toolbox for active citizens can become useful “, – the organizer, the assistant of the coordinator of “Active Community” in Drogobych Olena Yurkevich started the event.

Активна Громада Дрогобич 07

Together with the experts of the Hackathon participants tried to dismantle one of the problems that are in the city using the manual. In particular, they provided a complete picture of the stakeholders in solving the problem, analyzed the situation using the SWOT algorithm, discussed possible community activation tools.

After interactive work, the evening ended with a review of the fragments of the movie “One and a Half City”, as an example of the art-activism that can exist in the city’s space. From the smallest to the largest – so democratic changes are being made.

Активна Громада м. Дрогобич 07

The organizers expressed their gratitude to the experts who were actively involved in the discussion. These are public activists: Oleg Dork – editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Media Drohobychchyna”, journalist, founder of the Youtube channel #Halytsky_novny; Lyubov Yatsyuk – a psychologist; Andriy Yurkevich – director of the theater “Alter”, writer, journalist.