The forum-theater “The right to choose of internally displaced persons” was held in Khmelnytskyi. The main goal of the event is to promote the implementation of the constitutional rights of internally displaced persons and their active participation in the development of the community and the country as a whole through the instrument of direct democracy – elections. The event was attended by IDPs, lawyers, psychologists and NGO representatives.


According to the regional coordinator of the “Active Community” Julia Mazur, during the preparation for the performance, the participants discussed various problems in the field of observance of the rights of IDPs and offered ways of its solution. Internally displaced persons also shared their own experiences regarding the challenges they faced with after moving to a new city.

During the performance participants played real stories from the lives of IDPs. Present persons together tried to find outs from difficult life situations. Joker of the forum-theater was the regional coordinator of the “Active Community” from Kamyanets-Podilskyi Mykhailo Budurovych.

2This format of discussion of urgent issues was liked by participants.

“Forum-theater is something completely new and unusual. Thanks to the organizers for the new format, for new impressions, knowledge and new associates! “- says Olga Chorna, a lawyer at the Center for providing free secondary care.


It really was super interesting! I always repeat the famous Eric Berne that life is a game, and we are actors in it …. Therefore, most problems in our lives can be solved by playing (literally and figuratively). Also, thanks to all who met and have a great time! It is always a pleasure to help people and to continue cooperation! “- said Antonina Vyhovska, a psychologist at the Center for providing psychological assistance to young people.

Note. Similar performances will be held in 20 cities of Ukraine within the framework of the Institute Respublica and the All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” with the support of the Democracy Promotion Foundation at the US Embassy in Ukraine.