The NGO “Young Women Support Center” in Dnipro is launching the project “Audit of Territories for Security and Improvement”.

The project is aimed at enhancing the professionalism of leaders of public organizations and activists from the city of Dnipro to overcome social tension, prevent conflicts, improve the level of security of territories and amenities, and participate in the democratic development of Ukraine.

The term of the project is 5 months. Among the project, activities are two one-day training sessions on the use of forum-theater and simulation techniques and the final round-table. Local activities are foreseen during the project.

ПРОЕКТ Дніпро (1)

We invite activists of non-governmental organizations working with women in the Dnipro River, in particular, women-in-chief, internally displaced person-women, active representatives and community representatives of the city, journalists and bloggers to participate in the project. Priority will be given to teams from 2 people.

The first training on the theme “Territory security – the foundation of community development” will be held on February 6 in Dnipro.

The host of the training is Zhebryk Natalya, Human Rights Coach, Facilitator.

Questions to be addressed at the training “Safety of the territory – the foundation of community development”:

  • Gender Policy in Ukraine, Gender Concepts and Discussing Gender Stereotypes.
  • A dialogue in the community and partnership between women and men in different spheres of life to overcome social tension.
  • Territory Security Audit: Theory and practice of analyzing public places and responding.

Participation in the training is free. There is a lunch, a break for tea with delicious meals during the day.

The project is coordinated by Olga Kuzmenko, (066) 273-90-86.

The project “Audit of Territories for Security and Improvement” is being implemented with the support of the All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” from the Institute “Respublica” and the National Democratic Institute.