« Active Community» is a large block of Institute Republic’s activities.

The initiative aims to involve citizens into local decision-making and discussion of the reform process in Ukraine. The idea of the initiative is to give citizens of Ukraine knowledge and skills to address urgent needs of their localities.

The Project is implemented in 22 cities and 2 villages of Ukraine.

Each of 24 communities has already had 2-3 success stories. The issues to solve were defined by community members: beautification & gardening, the creation of sports and playgrounds, installation of street lighting, the organization of bike lanes & parking lots.

Citizens became more familiar with human rights, national legislation, and local issues in such a way.

Initiative «Active Community» achieved the following results during the period from January to December 2016:

  • Regional coordinators held about 935 meetings with ordinary citizens (13,372 persons including 6497 female, 6875 male.) that concerning the reform of the decentralization. Coordinators conducted educational work and disclosed stereotypes that dominate among residents and that were the barriers in implementing reforms.


  • 239 events to clarify details of local government reform were organized and conducted by coordinators.
  • Overall 16,647 pieces of information materials were distributed (manuals, pocket calendars, stickers about the lustration, brochures, flyers, «Changing people to change the country» and so on)


  • 105 083 copies of the Ukrainian edition “Nashi Visti” were distributed. This newspaper contains at least 4 news from different localities and at least one detailed article about the local government reform.
  • Activists held about 600 regional meetings with local authorities and 340 meetings with political parties to solve local problems in decentralization.


  • In general, there are about 600 different references in the media concerning activists and Initiative.
  • Schools for Active Citizens were conducted for activists, representatives of civil society and local authorities from different regions of Ukraine in Yuzhne (Odesa region)., in the Carpathians, in Kramаtorsk (Donetsk region) and in Kyiv.


  • December 23, the National Forum of active citizens took place in Kyiv, which gathered more than 130 participants – activists of NGOs, the representatives of the political parties and local authorities, journalists from all Ukraine.


  • In July coordinators of the Initiative began using the new tool of communication with ordinary residents of communities like info-hours.  During July to December 298 info-meetings were.


“We always focus our attention on working with people not previously involved in community organizations; their public education, involving into dialogue with the authorities and civil society”.

During the period from April to December 2015 Initiative coordinators achieved the following results:

  1. They held hundreds of events to resolve local problems and attracted 15,567 residents to participate in this process.
  2. They formed a group of local activists, numbering about 1,000 persons in Ukraine;
  3. They held hundreds of meetings (291 out of 326 NGOs and local authorities) and established cooperation with local NGOs and local authorities;
  4. They organized hundreds of events (208) to educate citizens on protecting their rights and nuances of active reforms in Ukraine;
  5. They distributed tens of thousands of “Our news”educational materials and newspapers  among citizens;
  6. They participated in national campaigns.

The initiative is continuing its activities and has formed strategic plans by 2020.

Project Manager: Oleksandra Skyba, Deputy Chairman of the Institute.

Сoordinators of the project – Regional offices


  Project coordinators:

Vinnytsia region:Kovalenko Kristina  (Vinnytsia), Nakorchevska Yuliya Silchenko Andriy (Zhmerinka)
Donetsk region: Kalinin Sergii 
Volyn region: Kharytoniuk Orysia (Lutsk)
Zaporizhzhia: Аnna Yeryomenko 
Kyiv region:
 Ivanichev Aleksandr  
Kirovograd region: Stoyan Anatoliy (Kropivnitskiy); Mitsenko Sergiy (Oboznivka)

Poltava region: 
Melnyk Larysa  (Zinkiv); Dmytrenko Volodymyr   (Komsomolsk);
Odesa region: Konovalov Andriy  (Yuzhne)
Ternopil: Ergehov Rustam 
Yatskov Mykola
Kherson region: Baranenko Rimma  (Kherson); Ponomarenko Valentyna  (Skadovsk)
Cherkasy:  Slynko SergiiLeliukh Innа 


In addition to the processes of self-organization within “Active Community” we are implementing the following projects.