Roadmap septem (4)

Roadmap for Government: semi-annual project results

The is being implemented in 30 cities in terms of organizing public consultations and facilitating public reporting of city mayors.


All-Ukrainian action “Weigh Your Independence” in Kyiv

In total more than 65 citizens participated in Kiev, in general in Ukraine about 2 thousand. After all, the action runs in parallel in 28 cities in different regions of our country.

Червень, ЗКВ

Roadmap for Government: semi-annual project results

All-Ukrainian campaign “Roadmap for Government”: semi-annual project results

Лого Клубу Активної Громади

«Active Community Clubs» Bring Together Citizens from Different Parts of Ukraine

Meetings are held systematically in 15 cities: Dobropillia, Zhytomyr, Zhmerynka, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Kropyvnytskyi, Poltava, Rubizhne, Rivne, Skadovsk, Sumy, Uzhgorod, Khmelnytskyi, Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod, Yuzhne.

ЗКВ, проміжні результати

Interim Results of Our Activity

All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community”, within of the Institute “Respublica” activities, established cooperation with the city councils through the signing of Memorandum of Cooperation.

Інститут Республіка

Institute “Respublica” Encourages to Love Deputies

Institute “Respublica” wants to inspire Ukrainians to contact with deputies more often, speak with them, talk not only about the problems, but also about ideas and projects, which can positively change the city or village.

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Worth to know: voters’ mandates

(Українська) Виборці можуть давати своєму депутатові місцевої ради доручення на зборах під час його звітів чи зустрічей з питань, що випливають з потреб відповідного виборчого округу чи територіальної громади

Рівень впровадження реформ в Україні

Successes and Failures of Implementation of Reforms at the Local Level in Ukraine – Survey

More than 400 experts from all regions of Ukraine answered the questions related to the assessment of reforms and their consequences.

Ковзанка на Кірпічці

The second copy of the sheet “Kirpichnyk” was published in Uzhgorod

The second copy of the newsletter “Kirpichnyk”, which issues the “Kirpichka” civic initiative, was published.

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