Two-day Training Session “Involving Citizens in Political Reforms”

During the training, the coordinators of the Institute “Respublica” from different regions of Ukraine worked out mechanisms for involving citizens in political reform

АГ Жмеринки

Confrontation because of the Local Library in Zhmerynka

Local authorities want to close the library, arguing that this decision is a production necessity.

Активна Громада м. Дрогобич 07

“Hackathon: Someone_will_do_Challenge” in Drohobych

A presentation of a manual for active citizens was held in Drohobych in the hackathon format.

Активна Громада Горішні Плавні форум

“Active Community” was presented at the forum “GRANT CHANGE 3.0”

About 300 participants from different regions of Ukraine exchanged experience, a story of success and set up a “partnership for change” at a forum in Cherkassy.

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Worth to know: voters’ mandates

(Українська) Виборці можуть давати своєму депутатові місцевої ради доручення на зборах під час його звітів чи зустрічей з питань, що випливають з потреб відповідного виборчого округу чи територіальної громади

Рівень впровадження реформ в Україні

Successes and Failures of Implementation of Reforms at the Local Level in Ukraine – Survey

More than 400 experts from all regions of Ukraine answered the questions related to the assessment of reforms and their consequences.

Інститут Республіка

Activists are gathering 10 thousand signatures for the inevitability of punishment for violating electoral law

The activists developed a petition to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the requirement of inevitability of punishment for bribery of voters.

Ковзанка на Кірпічці

The second copy of the sheet “Kirpichnyk” was published in Uzhgorod

The second copy of the newsletter “Kirpichnyk”, which issues the “Kirpichka” civic initiative, was published.

Фото дайджест

News Digest of the «Active Community» initiative

Successful cases about activation of citizens, introducing and applying of instruments of the direct democracy

Інститут Республіка

The Institute Respublica participated in the Bucharest Public Initiatives Fair

About 120 participants from Ukraine, Romania and Moldova exchanged experiences and creative ideas at the Public Initiatives Fair.