Останні новини

Zaporizhzhya has its own debate center

The debate club starts in Zaporizhia on February 7.

Активна Громада м. Дрогобич 07

“Hackathon: Someone_will_do_Challenge” in Drohobych

A presentation of a manual for active citizens was held in Drohobych in the hackathon format.

Активна Громада Горішні Плавні форум

“Active Community” was presented at the forum “GRANT CHANGE 3.0”

About 300 participants from different regions of Ukraine exchanged experience, a story of success and set up a “partnership for change” at a forum in Cherkassy.

Ковзанка на Кірпічці

The second copy of the sheet “Kirpichnyk” was published in Uzhgorod

The second copy of the newsletter “Kirpichnyk”, which issues the “Kirpichka” civic initiative, was published.

Інститут Республіка

The Institute Respublica participated in the Bucharest Public Initiatives Fair

About 120 participants from Ukraine, Romania and Moldova exchanged experiences and creative ideas at the Public Initiatives Fair.


Likes, popcorn and «TomorrowMan» (hero): how the NGOs were «sold» in Lutsk

The «Fair of Public Organizations» was held in Lutsk, in which activists could «sell» their organizations that fell to their liking.

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Dear visitors

Very soon there will be news on the site in English.

фото на обкладинку


We have prepared the annual report on activities in 2016

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Selection of video collections from training and forum for active citizens

The Institute Respublica launches a series of publications on video tutorials and training for active citizens.

звіт лютий виправл

Interim report of the “Active Community: Right of Choice” project for February

Показники реалізації проекту «Активна Громада: право вибору», що націлений на підвищення політичної просвіти громадян, за лютий 2017 р.