Team: Iryna Koval – chief editor; Iryna Makarova – editor.

“Nashi visti” was created as a volunteer project during exacerbation of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine in May, 2014. At the beginning the project focused on immigrants and had a circulation of 2000 copies.

Since January, 2015 active citizens of cities and villages in Ukraine have become the target audience of the newspaper. In September, 2015 we reached the audience of 50 000 recipients per month for the first time.

The main priorities of the newspaper are the following:

1. To inform the public about reforms in Ukraine

2. To tell success stories of Ukrainians and share international experience

3. To describe cases of local and national problems solution to be followed by readers

4. Legal advice

Within activities Institute “Republica” issues the newpaper for active citizens “Nashi visti”. In 2016 newspaper came out once a month in 18 towns of Ukraine. The total number of copies a year – 214 000. Coordinators have established distribution system of newspapers, at events during consultations and “info-hours”  meetings with citizens. The newspaper is also distributed in libraries, cafes, service offices, offices of Ukrposhta and city councils.

The newspaper has become a source of information available to citizens about reforms in Ukraine and the source of successful stories.

The Institute plans to continue publishing the newspaper in 2017, and to improve the electronic version (nv.org.ua).